Mapna Generator Engineering & Manufacturing co. (PARS) was stablished in 1998 in order to develop technical knowledge and industrial capability of country, with the goal of transferring technology of manufacturing and producing of different kind of Thermal Power Plants Generators (up to 160 MW), Hydro(up to 250 MW) and Power Plant Bus Ducts and has begun its activities In close cooperation with international Manufacturers such as Siemens, Ansaldo, Andritz (Eline), GE (Canada), Jeumont and Elin Motoren. Pars has manufactured more than 45,451 MW installed power plant as well as relevant bus ducts and equipment (till the end of 2017) and has exported its products to other countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Tajikistan. In 2012 in the field of Renewable Energy, Pars has started know-how transfer for manufacturing 2.5 mw wind turbines in close cooperation with W2E, Aerodyn and VEM .

MAPNA Generator Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (PARS), As the greatest designer and manufacturer of generators for hydro and thermal power, various kinds of bus ducts, wind turbines, industrial generators, Traction motor and electro motors for completing the chain of manufacturing power plant, Locomotive, equipment for oil and gas industries, providing after sales and professional power plant services according to the international standards.